Saturday, April 18, 2009

Face Poses

Like hand poses in class 3, For class 4 we found interesting face poses and tried to capture their essence with Bishop. It's incredible how big of a difference little details can make.

Monologue - now complete with facial!

With David's help I made a few alterations to the body animation and then dove into the new world of facial animation.

Class 4 - Advanced Acting

My mentor for Advanced Acting was David Gallagher, a longtime vet of Blue Sky and now splitting his time between Blue Sky and Lumenas.

David's website

Class 3 complete!

Marek and my classmates really helped me grow over the course of this quarter. Here's the latest progress reel:


Time really flies, my first AM shot with voice-over! In this class we focused almost completely on body motion with a little work on eyes and jaw, the plan being to wrap up the facial animation in Class 4.

Audio from Reel Big Fish's "You Got to Give it to Me"

Hand Poses

Completed a number of hand poses along with our animation assignments; hand poses that should look interesting, as well as communicate an idea or emotion.





Had to create a scene with two distinct emotional beats. I definitely want to come back to this shot one of these days. As you can see from the video ref, this shot went through some pretty big changes, with Marek's guidance.

Class 3 - Intro to Acting

My mentor for this quarter was Marek Kochout, from Dreamworks. I had a fantastic time in this class. Marek has definitely been one of my favorite mentors so far.

Marek's filmography

Class 2 complete!

Here's my progress reel for Body Mechanics class. Thanks to David Breaux for all kinds of awesome information!

Heavy Weight Pull

Video Ref co-starring Mr. James Lutz (

Post Jump

Worked up to a character with a torso. Working on balance primarily.

Worked up to a character with a torso. Working on balance primarily.

The blog that's not a blog...

Soooo, obviously I'm a colossal procrastinator when it comes to this blog (my two readers), so now for your viewing pleasure, I'm going to play a posting game of catch up! Enjoy.