Thursday, January 21, 2010

Migrating South!

I'm pleased to announce I've accepted a job as an animator at Reel FX Creative Studios! In just over a week I'll be zipping down to Dallas to start work on commercials for Shrek 4. I know there are quite a few mentors and fellow grads from my school down there, so I'm really excited to work with some folks that I can learn a lot from!

I will of course be keeping in touch with all my friends and family here in Washington, and hopefully making new friends down in Texas!

AM Graduation!

This past weekend I got to meet up with my fellow graduates for Animation Mentor's 7th graduation ceremony! If you've ever attended an AM graduation you know it is quite a show. My family came down to share the time with me and we got to celebrate my mother's birthday in San Fran as well.

What other graduation ceremony starts off with ninja action?!

Carlos's Avatar getup.

The Founders! Shawn Kelly, Carlos Baena, and Bobby Beck.


Bobby BOOM!

Nicole Herr, my class 1 mentor!

Fellow grads Emilie Goulet and Rob Somers, watch out for these guys!

Fellow grad, Washingtonian, game animator and video ref partner... Dennis DeMercer!

My wonderful and supportive family!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010